Counter-Strike Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter from Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, released in 2012. Two teams are pitted against one another, the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, each tasked with different objectives. The Terrorists plant bombs and guard hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists defuse explosives and rescue the captives. Each team must efficiently complete objectives, round after round, to bring the win home. Enjoy an extensive variety of CS:GO betting markets at LV BET, where you can back your favourite CS:GO teams in the year’s most competitive showdowns.


How To Bet On CS:GO

CS:GO tournaments are usually played in a best of three, single-elimination format with 30 rounds per match. Each round lasts two minutes, and the game ends when one team reaches 16 victories. On average, competitive CS:GO matches last about 40 minutes, though they can extend to well over an hour if the match is close. To get started on CS:GO betting, head to LV BET’s Sportsbook and keep an eye out for these massive CS:GO events: BLAST Premier, IEM (Intel Extreme Masters), ESL One Pro League, DreamHack Masters and the CS:GO Major Championship. 

At the highest level of competition, this game calls for impeccable precision and teamwork. To help you better understand the CS:GO betting markets, look into CS:GO betting guides and in-depth gameplay reviews of past tournaments or specific teams and players. When you’ve grasped the basics, view ongoing CS:GO matchups at our Sportsbook and make your selections — it’s as simple as that!

Bet On CS:GO With LV BET

At LV BET, you can wager on a multitude of betting markets with competitive CS:GO odds, including bets on Match Winner, Maps Total, Rounds Handicap, Pistol Round Winner and Total Rounds. Rest assured that you’ll find the best CS:GO odds and comprehensive markets on every major event —  at LV BET, we don’t skip a single beat! Visit our Sportsbook to see where the Counter-Strike action is at, and check back in for previews on upcoming CS:GO tournaments and events.

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Counter Strike