With its popularity on the rise, hockey continues to climb up the ranks of the most popular sports on the globe. As new fans flock to support their favourite teams, countries in every corner of the world have begun to outfit their cities with state-of-the-art hockey facilities to help satisfy this new wave of popularity. The sport itself is played between two teams of six players each. As the sides line up against each other, players attempt to manoeuvre a ball or a puck into their opponent’s goal in order to score a point. The team at the end of the 60-minute game with the most points is then deemed the winner of the match.



At LV BET, hockey fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to backing their favourite teams. Our Sportsbook offers players a large selection of markets, ranging from popular international tournaments to the many domestic leagues and competitions around Europe and the Americas.

When it comes to selecting a market, the LV BET Sportsbook contains a large variety of selections, including match winner, totals, goal handicaps, period results and specific player bets.


Don’t puck about when it comes to hockey betting. At LV BET, we guarantee a wide selection of markets that allow our players to really feel the thrill of the game. With plenty of options to enjoy and choose from, we highly recommend that you explore all of the available options before wagering any money. Once you’ve found the market you want, simply select the odds to add it to your betslip before entering in your stake amount and confirming the bet.

For players excited by the prospect of hockey betting, we’ve got a handy LV BET Sportblog that provides all of our players with the latest hockey information, analysis and in-depth previews of upcoming fixtures.

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