The Premier League is the place where the best English teams battle it out year after year to secure one of the most coveted titles in club football. Hailed as the greatest domestic footballing league in the world, Premier League viewers watch some of the best talents from all over the world flock to England to compete at the highest level of the sport.



Operating in a system of promotion and relegation, the Premier League comprises 20 English teams collecting points over a season in both home and away fixtures. Unlike many other leagues in the world, the Premier League rarely has a single dominant side. It’s notoriously difficult to retain the English league, the trophy frequently switches hands between some of the most expensive squads ever assembled on the planet.

Players who have gone on to claim the Premier League title have had their names echoed throughout the globe as they become superstars in and out of the world of sport. To date the most successful Premier League sides are Manchester United, who have won the competition 20 times, Liverpool who come up in second place with 19 titles and Arsenal who have finished above their rivals 13 times.


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