UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

The UFC has quickly become one of the largest and most followed full-contact combat sports in the world. Mixed martial artists from every corner of the globe compete using various fighting techniques and skills to beat their opponents within the Octagon. The sport itself is renowned for generating millions of dollars and turning professional athletes into some of the most widely recognised and followed celebrities around.



The popularity of the UFC is undeniable. Every single event that the company produces generates a considerable amount of global interest from fans, who keenly follow and back the careers of their favourite mixed martial artists as they fight the toughest of opponents. History has proven that when the biggest names of the sport clash, there’s simply no holding back the overwhelming interest generated around the event.

LV BET players are spoilt for choice when selecting their preferred UFC markets, with our Sportsbook being continually updated to include the latest events and fights. Our players can also enjoy a number of betting options, including straight-up moneyline bets and even predicting the total amount of rounds the fight will last.


There’s no mixing up anything when it comes to betting on UFC fights at LV BET. Our guarantee of a wide selection of markets allows players to really feel the action of the Octagon. With plenty of options to enjoy and choose from, we highly recommend that you explore all of the available options before wagering any money. Once you’ve found the market you want, simply select the odds to add it to your betslip before entering in your stake amount and confirming the bet.

For players excited by the prospect of UFC betting, we’ve got a handy LV BET Sportblog that provides all of our players with the latest UFC information, analysis and in-depth previews of upcoming fights.

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