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When you start your betting experience at LV BET the first super tips we have for you before you start placing your bets are to browse through all the world sports championships and leagues offered in our modern and secure website and choose your favourite teams, players, and live events. LV BET offers a wide variety of betting options and markets, from pre-match to live betting, covering thousands of sports events that can be selected, with up to 20 on the same betting slip. These include football, tennis, basketball, eSports, virtual sports, world major events, just to name a few – we even have TV shows, because after all – why not bet on who will rule the Seven Kingdoms in GoT, right? You can be sure you will never run out of options at LV BET as we not only have one of the biggest Sportsbook portfolios in the market, but you can feel the thrill of live betting on your favourite matches while benefiting from the constant promotions and bonuses. Check the LV BET Sportsbook for promotions and amazing betting odds on your favourite sports is one of our golden super tips to enhance your betting experience and boost your wins.

Start with LV BET Super Betting Tips

Enjoying the best sports competitions and world events at LV BET is easy and can be super rewarding, especially if you bear in mind some of these super tips when betting with us. The first super tip here is to make sure you are logged in and your account has enough balance to place the bet you want; there are many options to top up your account and also bonuses that can be used to enhance your bets. Are you in and with enough funds to start? Good, our next super tip is to head on to our Sportsbook and choose your favourite sports, tournaments, and leagues; there are thousands of options to place a bet on with great betting odds. As a quick example, if you want to place a bet on, let’s say, the UEFA Champions League, you can bet directly on the matchwinner or on more specific markets such as total goals, first to score, number of corner kicks, handicaps, and many other options. Another LV BET golden super tip is to always check your betting slip before you confirm it, make sure your selections and stakes are correct, especially in Live Bets as some betting odds can change during the match. After you confirm your bet you just need to wait and enjoy the match until it’s over to see if you will collect some winnings, in any case, you can always check your betting history by going to ‘MY BETS’ on the right upper corner of the screen. We hope you are enjoying our super tips because the next one is truly unique: at LV BET you always have another option if you are not so sure about your bets during any given match; you can opt for the early cash-out option and ‘jump out’ of the bet before the match ends. To have a better experience at LV BET Sportsbook bear these super tips in mind and good luck!

Betting Odds Explained

Betting odds need to be explained as they are one of the most important things when betting at LV BET. For beginners, this may be confusing but it’s quite simple as you will soon find out. Betting odds boils down to the probability of something happening, be it your team scoring, winning the match and more, you name it. Whenever you see two numbers separated by a slash, i.e. 3/1, it is called fractional odds and the decimal odds are displayed in numerical form, i.e. 4.00. They mean the same but are represented and used for slightly different reasons. Fractional betting odds explained: These are useful if you want to calculate how much money you will win on your bet in comparison to your stake, the number on the left being how much you get and the one in the right how much you need to stake. On a 4/1 bet, every €/£1 you bet you can win €/£5 (€/£4 net winning plus your €/£1 stake). Decimal betting odds explained: Decimal odds allow you to calculate how much money you will be returned should your bet win. You can do so by multiplying your stake by the decimal number shown and that is how much you will receive - including your stake. E.g. 5.00 can be calculated as (5.00 x €/£10 stake) – €/£10 stake = €/£40 net winnings. Now you might be thinking, which of the betting odds explained here are the right one for me? Well, there’s no right and wrong, but what you feel more comfortable with when betting. Historically, fractional odds were used in the UK, especially on traditional racetracks such as Epsom and Cheltenham. You will find two main differences: decimal odds are generally easier to understand than fractional. Based on this, there is a movement to attract more people to horse racing by making it more accessible to the average person by displaying odds in decimals. At LV BET you can select how you want to view the betting odds, so you can always feel comfortable placing your bets.

We all Can Win and Lose

This may not sound new to you, but it’s worth explaining for peace of mind. All and any sports betting involve a certain risk, for both player and bookmakers alike, and we all need to be aware of that. No bookmaker is or will ever be able to win every coupon, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any betting shops or online betting brands such as LV BET operating legally. When we say betting comes with risks is because, for example, when you place a bet you are actually betting that your team will win, score more than a certain number of goals, classify or whatever you chose against the bookmaker. The winnings of a sports event consist of many factors, including the luck your team or favourite player on any given day. Sports experts, commentators and many pundits all agree that even the best teams in the world can have a few ‘rainy days’ and end up losing a match that everyone (including you) might have thought would not be possible to lose, despite any betting odds. They are also influenced by a number of ‘beyond control’ factors such as the weather, the venue, or the individual player’s condition or mental fitness on the day. History shows that often generally weaker teams can beat leaders in league duels. The cause of this phenomenon is the fighting force of the weaker team, against the "on paper" stronger leader. This is where live betting can change everything in a moment. Anything can happen and being uncertain whether your bet will be a winning one or not is part of the whole experience and thrill of betting. As one of the super tips that you can use to maximise your winnings is to check the players, the team, and previous matches to come up with the best betting strategy you can and hope that you’re right; a bit of luck and faith on your bet comes along as well. LV BET wishes you lots of excitement and good luck when placing bets on any sports events of your choice.

Money Safety and Regulations

This can also be taken as one of the super tips: check your bookmaker’s licence. LV BET is a legitimate online bookmaker. It holds a licence issued by the MGA, Malta’s official gambling authority and from UKGC, United Kingdom’s gambling commission. Thanks to these licences, LV BET can operate legally in the UK and many European countries where gambling is allowed by local laws. LV BET is a brand that inspires deep trust and it has been a reliable source of entertainment since its establishment. You can safely take advantage of a fully legalised online betting product. LV BET meets all the conditions of the licence granted and this means you can always enjoy all the products stress-free and be sure that you are safe thanks to our player protection tools available. Such a reliable and professional service is only possible with the high technology and care we dedicate to every step of your gaming journey with us, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: having fun.  We at LV BET want all players to experience the full thrill of gaming in a safe and responsible betting environment, we hope you liked our super tips. Enjoy a safe betting website, enjoy LV BET.